Ruta Mariana


Ruta Mariana (The Marian Route) is a pilgrimage route connecting 5 Marian shrines in Spain, France and Andorra, around the Pyrenees Mountains. It comprises of the following sanctuaries:

  • Lourdes in France
  • Montserrat in Spain
  • Meritxell in Andorra
  • Torreciudad in Spain
  • Zaragoza in Spain


The Marian Route is both a pilgrimage and touristic route and connects places known for their importance in the history of the Church in these three countries, especially for the devotion to the Holy Mary. All those places are especially recommended for all pilgrims, having desire to get to know better the Marian shrines of Western Europe. But the Marian Route is much more due to marvellous views of the Pyrenees Mountains and its nature, with many interesting monuments along the way like bridges, churches, palaces and castles. It offers the unique experience of tasting Spanish, French and Andorran cuisines, and to discover even more while being surrounded by the customs, languages and people of France, Spain and Andorra, which will making you feel as travelling in time.


This Catalan Sanctuary, just next to Barcelona, is set at a really special location on the uniquely shaped and beautiful mountain of Montserrat, which means in Catalan “sawed mountain”. Placed at a stunning height of 700 m over the cliffs, it offers amazing views of the whole region of Catalonia from the summit. There is a sanctuary church with the small wooden figure of the Black Madonna of Montserrat and you can even arrive there by a breath-taking cable car or funicular. Every day at 12.00 am there is a concert by the young singers’ choir of L’Escolania de Montserrat, one of the most important choirs in Europe. Getting to know Montserrat is a perfect idea for half-day or 1 day excursion from Barcelona. The Holy Mary of Montserrat is the patron saint of Catalonia.


Located in the central part of Andorra the Sanctuary of Meritxell is the most important place for the Catholic Church in the little Country of the Pyrenees. You will find there two churches: the older one, which is a monument of Romanesque Style and a new sanctuary, designed by the famous Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill. His inspirations for the project of the new sanctuary were the Andorran landscapes, its mountains and valleys. Nowadays, the day of the Holy Virgin of Meritxell is one of only four bank holidays in Andorra (8th September). The Holy Mary of Meritxell is thel patron saint of this traditionally religious country. The Principality of Andorra is located in the Pyrenees Mountains, between Spain and France and is just about 468 km2 – but filled up with beautiful nature and Romanesque architecture.




Located on the Northern side of the Pyrenees Mountains, Lourdes is the most important place for pilgrims in France. Here the Holy Mary revealed to young Bernadette in the local Occitan language. Lourdes is not only the shrine, but it also counts with the historic old town with many interesting monuments. The city is very close to the High Pyrenees Mountains' main range. This sanctuary is especially dedicated to sick and disabled people. The main attraction for religious tourist coming here are the unique night processions.




This place is much known for being the Spanish sanctuary of Opus Dei. It had already pilgrims hundreds of years before it was built, but the real development of this shrine was thanks to Saint Jose Maria de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei, who as a child was healed there in miraculous way. Especially interesting is the avant-garde tower of the church, dominating the local landscape – with the view of the mountain and the lake. The Sanctuary is dedicated to the Family.


The tradition says that the Apostle James during his travels in Spain saw Mary next to the river Ebro – just as it she was still alive! The Sanctuary of Pilar in Zaragoza is today the biggest Baroque church of Spain and one of the most brilliant and exquisite religious centres in Western Europe. You can even appreciate some of Goya’s frescoes inside the shrine. The Virgin revealed to St. James standing on a marble column (in Spanish: pilar), which was used in the construction of the first church. The word “pilar” has even became a feminine name in Spain. The Holy Mary of Pilar is the saint patron of Spain as well. Now Zaragoza is a young and active city of sciences and culture, which even held the World Expo 2008.

Package offer:


  • 1 overnight stay with breakfast in 3* Hotel in Montserrat
  • 2 overnight stays with breakfast in 3* Hotel in Andorra
  • 2 overnight stays with breakfast in 3* Hotel in Lourdes
  • 1 overnight stay with breakfast in 3* Hotel in Barbastro (Torreciudad)
  • 1 overnight stay with breakfast in 3* Hotel in Zaragoza


Price from 266,00 € per person

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