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Discover unique places and enjoy the great variety of activities that we offer at Eventhalia.

We organize group trips and excursions, events and any other activities that you wish in the Principality of Andorra, in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona or in the traditional towns of Catalonia. If what you are looking for is other multiple destinations, Eventhalia can help you too. Many years of experience in the tourism industry, our multi-cultural team and the organization of successful group travel and events Europewide has made us the perfect partner for your cross-border activities.

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Discover this vibrant city that never sleeps. In a group or alone, choose the metropolis for the best incentive or private trips


Discover with us the Principality of Andorra, one of the smallest and oldest countries in Europe. Visit Andorra and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery in summer and winter


Beautiful beaches, nightlife until dawn, lots of cultural and historical places make Spain an ideal destination for any holiday