Exclusive Thermalwater Centre

Inúu is an exclusive part of the Caldea wellness centre, that offers a new concept of health and relaxation.

It's a spa of 12,400 m² aimed at excellence, with a capacity for up to 200 people. Inúu presents a completely different and innovative offering. Whereas Caldea provides spa leisure for families or friends, Inúu focuses on the individual needs of each person by means of customized programs.


Inúu, Caldea's adults only space, invites you to restore your well being with the extraordinary properties of thermal water and our highly specialised treatments, in an environment of absolute peace and silence.

Many years of experience and knowledge of many wellness techniques – massage, hydrotherapy, peeling, relaxation techniques, Ayurveda, traditional, oriental – in combination with professional products guarantee the most satisfying experiences.

Inúu offers you a personal wellness assistant who will guide you in developing your individual treatments and activities.
In Inúu you will feel re-energized, because you will learn the essence of well-being, health and relaxation.

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